The Windsor Classical Guitar Ensemble is a new group designed to encourage local classical guitarists to improve their playing and performing skills.

Who is the ensemble for?

The ensemble is for classical guitarists of grades 5 to 8, although there are a few spaces for players of lower grades.

The ensemble is an ideal way of improving musicianship as well as offering classical guitarists that rare opportunity to be part of an ensemble and to perform in public.

What does the ensemble do?

Each term, we’ll have 5 rehearsals, the last of which will be a dress rehearsal. This will be followed by a charity concert.

The music will be chosen and arranged to match and stretch the skills of each player. The aim is to perform ensembles and solos proficiently and musically.

Additionally, each member is encouraged to perform solo or small group pieces of their choice at the concert.

Where and when does it meet?

The Windsor Classical Guitar Ensemble will meet on Sunday evenings, starting on Sunday 2nd June. All meetings will be at 7 to 9 p.m. and at Windsor Baptist Church.

The ensemble will then perform its first concert on Sunday 7th July. The concert will start at 7:00 p.m. (though the performers should arrive at 6:30 p.m.) and run for about an hour. The concert will be free to enter, though a voluntary donation is asked for with all proceeds going to charity.

Further details are on the Meetings page.

How do I join?

Please use the Contact us page or email to introduce yourself. Please tell me:

  • Your name and how I can best contact you.
  • What grade you are at (approximately).
  • Your age if under 18.
  • If you will be joining on 2nd June.
  • Any details about your guitar playing that will help me prepare music for you.

It will cost £25 per term per person. For this you get:

  • 5 rehearsals with refreshments provided
  • A chance to play in a charity concert
  • Music arranged for the ensemble
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